Learn to Play Roller Hockey

Want to learn how to play roller hockey? Our Little Hawks Hockey Academy, the official "Learn to Play Hockey" program of the Palm Beach Roller Hawks, offers a 9 week progressive instruction program designed to teach the FUNdamentals of roller hockey in an organized, safe, and family environment. The program is run continuously througout the year and is open to boys and girls ages 3 to 14.

Classes are led by our professional and certified Roller Hawks coaches. Each player will learn how to play roller hockey through participating in practice drills and informal/modified games such as mini-scrimmages, freeze tag, and obstacle courses. The skills of skating, puck control, passing, and shooting are introduced and developed in a "one step at a time" approach.

The goals of our Learn to Play Roller Hockey clinic is:

  • To teach kids the tecniques, rules, and basic strategies of the great sport of hockey

  • To prepare each child to play rec hockey

  • To build friendships, confidence, strength, focus, and more!

To register please contact Billy Garlinge at 561-963-5900 or rollerrink@pbskatezone.com. or click the picture below to print out a registration.



9 Week Learn to Play Roller Hockey Class ........ Only $99

AAU Membership ........ $14

Annual membership and insurance. This is required to participate in our classes and is paid directly to AAU. Click here to register.


  • Register beforehand by phone, email, or fax to avoid the long line on day 1
  • Arrive 30 minutes before the 1st class to gather your equipment, get dressed, and meet your coach
  • Wear gym shorts and an athletic t-shirt
  • Ask the pro shop about the starter equipment packages available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this class teach my child how to skate?

    The Learn to Play Class will further develop your child's skating ability; however, your child must be able to skate on his/her own before enrolling in the class. For those needing to learn to skate we suggest enrolling in our popular Learn to Skate Classes.

  • Is hockey safe?

    Absolutely. In fact, it can be one of the safest youth sports given the level of equipment and supervision on the ice. Many sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and football lead to more injuries at the youth level than hockey. Not to mention, our rec league does not allowed hitting.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Click here for the Little Hawks equipment checklist. Click here for the USA Hockey video on how to get dressed. Our pro shop will be more than happy to assist you in obtaining all the neccessary gear and can tailor packages for your child.

  • My child is 10, is it too late for them to learn how to play hockey?

    Absolutely not! We have kids who begin at all ages. It's never too late!

  • Can I run errands during the session?

    Parents must remain in the arena. We do not want to encounter any instances where a learn to play participant is left unattended when going to the restroom or locker room. This program should not be seen as a babysitting service. Remaining in the arena not only allows you to supervise your child but also allows you to participate in the excitment as you watch your child learn how to play hockey and have fun!

  • What is the locker room etiquette?

    To ensure enough room for each player to get dressed we ask that only one parent/adult per player be in the locker room. Locker room space is limited and is reserved only for those who need to be in the room. Although we understand family and friends are excited and happy about getting your child on the ice, we ask that everyone else wait in the lobby or viewing area. Also, please leave all non-practice items (e.g. strollers) outside the dressing room.

  • What happens after the Learn to Play class?

    Many kids participate in a few Learn to Play Hockey sessions until they feel comfortable joining a hockey team in our Youth Rec League. Our experienced coaches are more than happy to provide a free evaluation of your child's level of ability to identify when the time is right.