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Synchronized skating is the fastest growing part of figure skating – with the grace of ballet, the elegance of ice dancing and the beauty of pair skating all combined into an amazing group performance on ice. There’s no other sport quite like it: a team of 8-20 athletes skating in unison – with speed, strength, agility and grace – in creative programs choreographed to music. Synchronized team skating is not only captivating to watch, but also compelling in the many ways it benefits young people: 


  • Promotes teamwork and cooperation - Good communication and teamwork are essential for safety and strong performances. The team is judged on how well it skates as a unit, not on the unique performance of individual skaters. 

  • Teaches self-discipline and dedication - Skaters arrive at practice promptly and work hard consistently, week after week. 

  • Encourages individual skill-building - To perform the highly demanding moves required for group formations, a skater must continue to improve and maintain his/her individual skills. 

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem - Team members experience the thrill of reaching a difficult goal through hard work, determination and cooperation. They feel the pride of being recognized for their achievements. 

  • Teaches trust - Skaters learn to trust their teammates to perform their individual roles, for everyone’s safety. 

  • Creates strong friendships - The bonds formed over the years, during team practices and competitions, can last a lifetime. 

  • Promotes good sportsmanship - During competitions, teams and skaters wish each other luck, cheer each other on and exchange congratulations. 

  • Teaches performance, grace and musicality - The experience of performing to music under pressure will benefit skaters in other life situations that require presentation skills. 


Palm Beach Skate Zone’s synchronized program started in June 2018 and is affiliated with USFS (United States Figure Skating).  From what began with one (1) team we now have four (4) Synchro skating lines!  The teams skate at various USFS competitions (currently in the South Florida region), as well perform in both our summer and holiday ice shows and perform exhibitions for various events.    

Synchronized Skating

Lauren Pye

Synchro Skills Head Coach

Preliminary Team Head Coach

Synchronized Skating

Tina Bonnevier

Open Juvenile Head Coach

Mini Team Head Coach

Synchronized Skating

If you would be interested in skating with a team at a "trial practice" to see what Synchro skating is all about, please contact our Palm Beach Blades Synchro Department at


 Figure Skating


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