Advanced Purchase is RECOMMENDED.

Mon -  Wed - Fri  |  10:00am-4:00pm   $12 per skater

Friday, December 5th 10:00am-2:50pm

Tuesday  |  10:00am-3:00pm   $12 per skater

Thursday  |  10:00am-2:00pm   $12 per skater

Fri - Sat  |  7:30pm-10:30pm   $20 per skater

Sat - Sun  |  12:30pm-3:00pm   $18 per skater

Sun |  6:30pm-8:30pm   $12 per skater


Palm Beach County Days off From School

10:00am-12:00pm & 2:00pm-4:00pm


Schedule is subject to change without notice. Please click on "See Public Session Schedule" to view the most updated session times.

Come ice skating at Palm Beach Skate Zone and enjoy South Florida's coolest activity in a fun, safe, family environment. We offer many fun skating sessions every week so there is always a chance to have fun, exercise, and stay cool with your friends and family. Spectators can enjoy our climate controlled lobby and viewing area as well as the tasty menu of our cafes.

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Ice Skate Rental



$12.00 per skater

Weekend Day

$18.00 per skater

Weekend Night

$20.00 per skater

Ice Skate Bar Rental, ice skating walkers, ice skating support

Support Bar

Kids and adults adjustable height



Bobby The Seal




Small - Medium - Large



Skate Zone Sweatshirt

Youth: $15.00

Adult: $17.00



Standard $4.00

LED  $14.00

ice skating locker rental, fun skate sessions


​Quarters only. Price per use of locker.


Have a group of 10 or more? 

Email Diana at to learn about your options!


  • Arrive 15 minutes early to check in, get skates, and maximize your ice time

  • Please have your entire party present when checking in.

  • Tickets are valid only for the session purchased

  • Dress warm (see FAQs below)

  • ​Tie your skates tight and all the way up

  • Bicycle helmets and wrist guards are recommended for beginners

  • Approach a skate guard (the skaters on the ice in the bright yellow vest) if you need assistance

  • Stop by our cafe to see our new menu

Bobby The Seal, Ice Skating, Fun, Palm Beach County, Ice Skating support

Fun. Cute. Smart.

That’s our Bobby®

Bobby® enhances the experience of ice skating, making skating fun for everyone….from the very first time!


Loved by all ages, this cute seal is the friendly assistant that adds a new dimension to recreational skating.

Rent one for only $10 per session

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to pay if you are not skating?

If you are a parent or chaperone and are not skating, you do not need to pay. Friday and Saturday Night Sessions may be subject to an $11 cover charge if parent or guardianship cannot be verified.

How old do you have to be to skate?

We welcome skaters at any age as long as they have a minimum shoe size of youth 8 (ice skating) and have an adult assist them on the rink at all times. You are never too young or old to enjoy skating!

What should I wear when I come skating?

We recommend that you wear long pants, long socks, and a long sleeve shirt or sweater. A helmet (bike or hockey style) is recommended for beginners. We have a limited number of helmets available to use for free on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Can I get a coach to help teach us how to skate?

We do have coaches who are available for private lessons. These lesson would happen on Freestyle Ice instead of the Fun Skate Session. We also offer group classes that run for 6 weeks and are designed to teach the fundamentals of skating in a fun environment. Click here for ice skating classes.

What is the difference between regular and hockey skates?

Regular skates have a long blade and toe pick while hockey skates have a shorter blade and rounded edges. We suggest trying both to see what your preference is.

Do I need to pre-purchase my tickets online?

Yes! We are currently working at a limited capacity and it is highly recommended that you pre-purchase your tickets online to guarantee your spot in any session.