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Palm Beach Skate Zone’s Adult Hockey Leagues are divided upon skill and age and run by a team appointed captain. Each team strives to create enjoyable adult leagues that are founded on the emphasized principles of respect, fair play, sportsmanship, camaraderie and safety.

B1 - Our top division for those who have played higher level college (NCAA), junior A, and even pro ice hockey. (Thursday Nights)


B2- Our second highest level for player with around 10+ years of experience with Travel, High School, Prep or lower level college players (ACHA). (Monday Nights)

B3- Our Higher Intermediate league built for players with 5-10 years of travel, High School, or Secondary Prep High School Experience (Tuesday Nights)

C1 - Our Lower Intermediate division for those with 5+ years of experience with Travel, High School (Monday Nights)

C2 - Recreational division for those who know the game and are new to playing organized ice hockey. (Wednesday Nights)


C3 - Recreational Division for those who have basic experience in Adult or Organized Hockey. (Wednesday Nights)

O-40 - For B Level players 40 and up (experienced players). (Tuesday Nights)


BHL - For novice level players over the age of 18 with minimal to no experience. (Thursday Nights) 


January - May

May - August

August – December

Adult Hockey director

Josh Beatty

Adult Hockey Director

New to Adult Hockey at Skate Zone?
Fill out this form to send your information to our Adult Hockey Director, Josh Beatty. 
Years of Organized Hockey Experience (Rec, Travel, Club, High School)
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Thank you for your interest in Adult Hockey at Skate Zone. We will be in contact shortly.


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